About us


"MILKAT" LLC was established in 2000.

       It produces and realizes the butter, spreads of the well-known trademark "ELNOR" in the markets of Armenia and NKR.

It is one of the most authoritative branch organizations in Armenia.

       The product variety is periodically being added.

       A serious attention is paid to the quality, package.

       The technology of the production is always being improved, and the equipment updated.

       It has a highly specialized personnel.

       The company has received the main rewards at exhibitions organized by the government of the RA and the international "ARMPRODEXPO", "ARMENIA-EXPO", children's "EXPO" and "BREND-EXPO" and others.

       The "Cream butter" 2007 produced by the company was rewarded with the prize "The product of the year".



In 2013, the company was awarded by the National Trust Committee as the Best brand of the year.

Food Safety Policy.

The main principle of "MILKAT" Limited Liability Company, is to produce products withhigh-quality,in order to satisfy consumers  requirements and also products that are safe for their health. "MILKAT"LLC  also provides favorable conditions for the workers.

"MILKAT" Limited Liability company's main goals are:

•      Supplying  safe and high-quality products that satisfy consumers requirements.

•      Provides favorable and safe conditions for the workers.

•      The food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 22000 standards.

•      Corrective implementation of ……… system

•     Production quality control in all stages of food production,        

•      Controlling the production of the product

•       Using advanced technologies during the production

•       IncreasesInternalandexternalmarketsCompetitiveness

•       Work  improvement in  mutually beneficial basis for both consumers and suppliers.

•       PersonnelQualificationandTraining

Senior management of "MILKAT" LLC bounds to provide necessary resources and opportunities for making safe and healthy products and also makesthe  policy attainable for all employees of the organization. 


S. Hakobyan` Supervisor